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ISSUE #79 - February 3, 2019

Tester’s Digest is having a late start to the year, let’s resume publication with a look at trends in software testing and quality predictions for 2019.

Topic: Testing Trends

World Quality Report 2018-19 says that testing’s top goal is tied to user satisfaction, AI is gaining adoption in testing tools, and also demands new skills from QA professionals who need to test AI, IoT and Blockchain based products.


Joel Colantio predicts these test automation trends in 2019: easier maintenance of automated tests, and less need for it as they would become auto-healing, AI assistance, a wealth of automation tools to pick from beyond Selenium, including better record/playback; continuous testing; and vendor merges.


Another trends prediction includes agile, ML, DevOps, big data, IoT, notably a move from performance testing to performance engineering, test automation combined with manual testing, shortening of the delivery cycle, and tools integration.


This article seconds the rise of AI (including “robots that do testing”), DevOps, and IoT, and also adds “QA as a Service” as a progressively more popular way for companies to meet their testing needs.


HackerRank’s report on developer skills for 2019 tells us that JavaScript is big, particularly its React framework which is overtaking Angular; hot languages to learn are Go, Python, TypeScript and Kotlin. The biggest complaint from devs is poorly written documentation (as I’m sure testers concur!) and the biggest bug in production is oddly reported to be “deployed untested or broken code” - isn’t that the very definition of a production bug?



I was delighted to come across this categorization of “difficult people on software projects” with detailed descriptions of “Problem Personalities” and specific tips on dealing with them. Read in moderation and try to avoid labeling everyone you know as belonging to one of Neil’s categories - it’s like reading a medical encyclopedia and self-diagnosing every disease. Most people we work with are not, in fact, problem personalities. I had a good laugh at the QA lineup of The Firehose, The Blamer, The Alarmist, and others.


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