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ISSUE #76 - October 28, 2018

Apropos the upcoming Halloween, our scary topic today is bugs and how to deal with them: from writing bug reports and reporting duplicates to dealing with defect clustering and deciding what percentage of bugs to address.

Topic: Managing Bugs

On viewing bug reports as “quality offers” whose aim is to improve quality of the product – which, of course, is the whole point of filing bugs, but this post suggests a positive way of thinking and writing:


When should bugs be reported individually even if they seem to have the same root cause, and could therefore be called duplicates?


On defect clustering and how to turn it from a problem into a solution:


Decent intro to writing a bug report. Sadly, examples are only for login, which I tend to view as too simple to be insightful, but gotta start somewhere.


Not all bugs are worth fixing - set a target stability rate the same way you do for site availability:



Tragicomic story from an unnamed company that lost user content through a rollout/rollback of a feature that… ah, you just gotta read it.


If this wasn’t scary enough, dip into our older bug-themed issue from last Halloween:


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