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ISSUE #75 - October 21, 2018

Let’s take a look at the intersection of UX and QA fields. I’ve seen my share of usability bugs devolve into opinion-based arguments, and have been searching for a more scientific foundation to the usability testing endeavor. Here are some resources.

Topic: Testing Usability

Laws of UX, a great read for testers and other engineers that can help form a shared foundation between UX and QA so we can file usability bugs from first principles rather than by gut feel:


Common usability bugs in web applications:


What a usability bug might look like:


Human experience testing with the example of wearable devices:


Cognitive biases in user research (which are also worth keeping in mind for QA):


If Satan designed a form to input your phone number - pure satire but jostles the brain for usability testing ideas.



Not completely off topic for UX, but tangential… Interesting take on the product being a function that transforms inputs (is defined by client) into outputs (defined by Product Management), the function’s body being the domain of UX. I liked how this approach would make it nicely testable.


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