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ISSUE #74 - October 14, 2018

Last time we looked at the setup where you have no QA engineers, only developers. Now let’s consider the more common configuration where you have both, and want to integrate testing into the dev process such that happens earlier (shift-left) and in a more collaborative, efficient way.

Topic: Tester/Developer Collaboration

Partnership between test automation engineers, manual testers and others in the org brings value:


Integrating testing with the development team by adding a 3rd person (tester) to a pair-programming duo to test changes early results in very good first-time quality.


Why a dev team may push back against inclusion of testers in their process, and how to overcome this resistance with empathy and incremental changes:


How do you determine the necessary tester headcount?


What is Hypothesis Driven Development, and how it would promote more rigorous testing while also allowing to move fast.


How Product Manager’s role fits with QA - partly specific to using RainforestQA testing platform, most points apply more generally.


We testers are often bringers of bad news; is there a better way to deliver the message? Some debatable points here including the “shit sandwich” style of delivery that I do not endorse, but good food for thought:



Learn Bash usage and syntax (and underlying concepts such as processes and file descriptors). The guide is a work in progress. Beginners will get to a pretty good level by going through the 4 chapters that are in place. Experts should consider contributing to the GitHub project to advance this thing!


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