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ISSUE #64 - July 2, 2018

Today we cover approaches to test planning and ideas on how to kick off testing activities.

Topic: Test Planning

This is a bit broader than just test planning: how to estimate complexity in planning software work, distinguishes between complicated and complex domains, and talks about uncertainty management techniques such as putting on the Evil Hat.


Test planning in the form of “How It’s Supposed To Work” document:


What’s in a test plan, with a nice mind map and a one-pager specific to usability testing:


How to start testing an app, with happy path and “quick attacks” approach:


Ideas on overcoming “tester’s block” which is a condition new to me. Could also be viewed as simply ideas to kick off a testing initiative.


What testers should do in planning meetings, per Michael Bolton: learn, advocate for testability, challenge assumptions / notice problems, and establish testing role.



A tester-developer duo ask 100 people about collaboration between devs and testers, provide both statistics and raw responses, interesting to compare notes to one’s own experience:


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