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ISSUE #63 - June 24, 2018

Testing in production has only gotten trendier since we last looked at it! Let’s explore reasons to do TiP, its different kinds and phases, and post-deploy validation activities. The earlier TD post on this topic was here:


Topic: Testing In Production

A quick overview of different kinds of production testing with a focus on post-deploy validation as a worthy kind of test.


The brilliant Charity Majors defends the practice of testing in production:


Some reasons to do TiP:


Two very comprehensive posts from Cindy Sridharan. The first one is a long discourse on production vs pre-production testing, with microservices in the title, but ideas can apply more broadly. A lot of debatable points here (such as: exploratory testing is pointless pre-production), but a worthy read.


This later post covers why staging != production, introduces 3 phases of testing in production (deploy, release, post release), and goes into detail on many TiP activities, including “tap compare” testing which was a new concept to me.


Any software deployment is essentially a test in production. What should you monitor after a deploy?



Worth learning: How phased code rollouts with feature flags work.


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