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ISSUE #61 - June 3, 2018

How does testing fit into Agile development process? Some terminology overlap between agile and “continuous testing” so we cover a bit of both.

Topic: Agile Testing

Several “agile testing quadrants” models show how testing discipline fits into modern agile/devops style software development.


Don’t use “we are agile” as an excuse for poor software development practices, such as not building in resilience to invalid inputs. Maybe the acceptance criteria in the story didn’t mention protecting against bad inputs, but the software engineer’s job is to think of and write safe code.


What is continuous exploratory testing, exactly? Perhaps you perform ad-hoc exploratory testing as each user story is implemented, analogous to peer code review; add blitz sessions for critical functionality; and complement full (automated) regression testing with session-based exploratory testing.


Reframing the conversation from “quality vs speed” to “moving fast with confidence”, a worthy 3-part blog series:




If your version of Agile is Scrum with its emphasis on planning sprints with story points and calculating velocity, don’t miss this resource on the evils of estimating work in software development and alternative ways of managing work:



“Joel test” version for evaluating maturity of testing practices:


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