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ISSUE #56 - April 29, 2018

What skills befit a modern software tester? We examine domain expertise, data-driven testing, technical skills, DevOps skillset, UX aspect, and pair testing.

Topic: Tester Skills

Does a tester need to have domain expertise in their area of testing? This post suggests that, barring very specialized fields like space rockets or high speed trading, sufficient level of domain knowledge is easy to reach in a regular learning-friendly work environment.


Data-driven testing skills may be the new direction of QA profession:


Technical skill levels of testers, laid out in specific detail, such as “know the difference between SQL & NoSQL” for Level 4. Interesting rubric.


How QA fits with DevOps: the idea of lean QA or “QA Ops” entails looking at the whole system with the eye to continuous improvement. QA Ops would assist with things such as Test Driven Infrastructure, defining metrics, and building tools for monitoring, and more generally “add intelligence, curiosity and out of the box thinking and exploration”.


What is a “test persona” (similar to UX persona) and how to use this concept:


Observing users can help testers zero in on useful test cases and testing environments, as well as develop empathy with the users:


Pair testing, and how to do it:



“Choose not to be a software testing hero. Choose life.” - cute tribute to Trainspotting, rings true.


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