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ISSUE #39 - November 27, 2017

How to report bugs for fun and profit. How to make friends and influence people. How to stop complaining and start living. Nah, just kidding, only how to report bugs.

Topic: Reporting Bugs

How to sell a bug to developers so it gets attention. I like the bug report repositioned as “as a sales advertisement for the bug”.


How to report bugs effectively: “The first aim of a bug report is to let the programmer see the failure with their own eyes.”


A game developer’s view of bugs, from receiving bug reports (reproducible is best!) to psychology of learning your code has a bug (“It can be a very emotional thing”).


Finding bugs is what testers do. Is that a good thing? This post examines the angle of a “nagger” relationship between tester and developer and whether that’s healthy for the team.


Testers can get quite frustrated with “This is not a bug!” tug-of-war over a reported defect. I like the author’s observation “I believe that ‘bugs’ are places in the application that need attention. Whether these are improvements, small stories, change request or just bugs.”


Interesting for-pay offering to report bugs as recordings of user steps where the screencast is synchronized with network HTTP logs and console messages. Also has a customer feedback integration, i.e. ability for the end user to submit their bug report in the same recording format.



BugReplay reminded me of the biggest recent security/privacy hole which is the browser session recording services like FullStory. “The session replay scripts commonly ignore user privacy settings.” Caveat emptor!



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