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ISSUE #10 - Apr 9, 2017

This week we read up on hiring and interviewing for QA / test roles. I have seen the challenges of staffing a strong Quality Engineering team first hand, and continue to be on the lookout for better ways of sourcing and screening candidates.

Topic: Hiring Test Engineers

Where do testers come from? Most people fell into testing in a variety of accidental ways, according to this informal survey. Keep this in mind when looking at resumes, as good test engineers are likely to be a motley crew, not following any particular mold:


How to hire a junior tester:


How Dan Ashby (a known figure in agile testing world) interviews testers, laid out on a one-pager mindmap:


Training / exercise for improving or interviewing a tester. There’s odd bias in the article to assume that most testers will fail miserably. Not the ones I know…


A basic selection of questions for a tester interview, and additional “soft” interview questions:



Use testing challenges in interviews, such as developing testcases for a palindrome app:




These testing challenges target web apps. Note that my team only got 14/18 on Challenge #1 and concluded it must be broken :-) If you manage to get all 18, please email me, as we remain puzzled.



You know that “how would you test a pen?” type of interview questions? (I consider them harmful and do not use them in interviews, hence not mentioned above; they are an amusing thought exercise, though.) This blog seems to have all the answers… they covered 5 household items at the time I looked.


Is it worth getting a testing certification? This tester says no to ISTQB (“got bored quite quickly”) but yes to BBST. To be honest, I had not heard of either, or even of the concept of being a certified tester, before discovering recently that a number of testing conferences run certification classes prior to the actual conference day. I haven’t met a certified tester yet. This might be more of a European thing…


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